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Error of Expectations ebook

Error of Expectations €5

Interval of Surprise ebook

Interval of Surprise €5

Megabeast Perception ebook

Megabeast Perception €5

The Complete Series of all three ebooks.


The Tread of Awareness in Chaos CD-ROM is a multimedia expedition to some of the most unusual and beautiful places in the South Pacific to hunt the Thread of Awareness in Chaos.

These are the voyages of the Research Vessel Moira, whose mission is to seek out the hidden controls of fate, explore new concepts of life, and guide you to the treasures of This Magic Sea.

Simplify your hunt for the treasures of the Thread of Awareness by ordering the entire matrix on CD.

Voyage to the far reaches of the South Pacific, and the outer limits of science.

Go beyond the horizons of perception to directly experience the essence of being and becoming - the Thread of Awareness in Chaos.

Link to the Thread with fascinating mental and physical exercises to expand your awareness of nature.

Survey whole new vistas of thought and understanding.

Browse more than 1,150 stunning photographs, graphics, and videos of the Tropical Pacific

Share the true life experience of the search for the Thread of Awareness in the Log of the Research Vessel Moira in the South Pacific.

Solve the mystery of This Magic Sea; a coded message from the creatures of Sea.

Learn to actually observe the Thread of Awareness and improve the depth and excitement of every experience in wilderness.

Your CD will include high resolution images and animations that are too large to put on the Internet. There are also sounds and other special effects that make the experience more interesting than surfing the Internet. But most importantly, if you buy the Thread of Awareness CD you will be helping to support further investigations of the Research Vessel Moira in the South Pacific.

See www.tellusconsultants.com for background on our current research activities for the sustainable development of the Pacific Island countries and protection of our seas.

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