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Moira clotho weaves the thread of awareness in chaos. The background image is a fractal representation of the Thread of Awareness Process.





The Thread of Awareness

Adventure is an experience; real and personal.  This website contains a series of exercises to improve your ability to experience the thread of awareness and enhance the enjoyment of nature with some great walking and running mind exercises and thought experiments. It is the "action" section of three websites. The other two are:

This Magic Sea where you will discover the scientific understanding for the Thread of Awareness and

Log of the Moira where you can join the Research Vessel Moira in the South Pacific during an expedition to unravel the Thread of Awareness and tie it to our understanding of the evolution of life on our planet (also see the links to the various interconnected sites to the left).

This is the table of contents for the Thread of Awareness exercises.







Many of these exercises were developed at Cottage Point, in the middle of a wilderness park about 10 miles north of Sydney, Australia.

Cottage Point is in a fijord leading off from the Hawkesberry River. It's a popular cruising ground for yachts. Our yacht, the Moira, spent many cyclone seasons tied up to our friends mooring in Cottage Point. We began our popular series of cruising guides here - a sailing guide to Vanuatu and a sailing guide for New Caledonia. They are all based on photo-charts created from aerial and satellite photography. The Moira, for nearly ten years, was a migratory creature, heading to New Caledonia and Vanuatu during the austral winter months and returning to Cottage Point for the cyclone season.

We also produced websites on environmental improvement programs, especially for the protection of the seas and for clean renewable energy systems for the Pacific Islands.

Some of the exercises were developed in New Caledonia, especially in the great wilderness areas of the south of Grande Terre. The Moira spent considerable time in these waters, diving New Caledonia's lagoon - the largest coral reef lagoon in the world, and trekking in New Caledonia's mountains and trails. If you should decide to visit New Caledonia, you should get a copy of our travel guide to New Caledonia and check out the many new caledonia camping grounds, new caledonia hotels and resorts. The guide has complete information on Noumea Yacht Agent Services, noumea hotels and even where to find a noumea dentist.

We spent at least 4 to 5 months of each cruising season in Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a string of volcanic islands and there is really no Vanuatu safe anchorage during the cyclone season.

If you decide to visit Vanuatu be sure to get the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu travel guide and check out the various hotels and resorts of Port Vila and Tanna, Vanuatu. You can also see lots of photos of Vanuatu hotels, Vanuatu activities, and Vanuatu culture on our photo libraries.